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"What should I wear to my Boudoir Session"

Thats a great question, and one I get asked often! This will be a bit of a read, but don't let that stop you! It will prepare you for your session! There is so much lingerie out there, and it can be frustrating trying to find the right piece for yourself...especially when some are made of no more than string and tassel! We come in all different shapes & sizes, and there is a style of lingerie that is perfect for you and your body! Read on and I'll help shed some light on what might be the perfect lingerie for your body type!

There are about 4 body types, maybe a few more, but I'll stick to the usual for this!

Rectangular (or Banana) Figure: Narrow Shoulders & No Hips

Apple Figure: Broad Shoulders & Bust, No Hips 

Pear Figure: Fuller Hips & Small Bust

Hourglass Figure: Hips & Bust are almost equal in size, with a Narrow Waist

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So we've gone over the various and very "general" shapes, now lets talk about which pieces suit your beautiful body!

The Rectangle.

This is one of the most common body shapes! Your hips and bust are equally balanced, but there isn't much definition in your waist. With this shape I would recommend more form fitting lingerie, such as a slip! You'll want to enhance your waist with the lingerie you choose, finding slips & corsets with embellishments around the waist area are a great way to draw attention to the area and create a shapely waist line. If you go with a bra & panty set, choose a set with ruffle detail on the top & bottom, and a little extra padding in the bra to create more shape!


The Apple.

Just like the name implies, you've got broader shoulders, narrow hips and a less defined waist. The best way to play up your shape here is with lingerie that defines your waist, and gives the illusion of more curves! What do I recommend? The sexy bustier or corset! These pieces add shape to your mid-drift by cinching your waist in, thus creating more shape in your hips and upper body - giving you more of an hourglass look. You can wear lacy thongs, brazilian bottoms, or a dainty panty with corsets or bustiers! Often bustiers & corsets have garter attachments so you can add some sexy stockings to the mix for a different look! 

The Pear.

Your hips are wider than your bust, and you have a fantastically defined waist! With this body shape you'll want show off all your best assets, to do that, you'll want lingerie that balances out your top and bottom. To balance things out, you'll need to draw the eyes up! Choose a sexy slip or teddy with a plunging neckline and a halter top. One of my favourite items out there is the one piece halter Teddy! Its fitted like a one piece swimsuit, and with the right plunge it will balance out your shape! Add a chunky bracelet to the mix and you're golden!

The Hourglass.

Your bust and hips are fairly balanced, and your waist is narrow. With this shape there are some great options for lingerie, and you can't go wrong with too many items! A simple bra & panty set will really show off your shape, if you want to sex it up a little more, try a Teddy! A slip will really accentuate all the great curves you're rocking!



We've talked about what is best for your body shape, perhaps this is a good time to bring up what doesn't work, at least in your boudoir session! There aren't too many pieces of lingerie that I would tell a woman not to buy, but a baby doll is one of them! Baby Dolls are the yoga pants of the lingerie world. While they are comfortable, they don't offer your body what it most desires: SHAPE. Typically designed to hug the bust and flare out (an empire effect), they just don't cut it in a boudoir session. You don't throw your yoga pants on for a girls night on the town! You can also toss Push-Up bras from the mix! Although amazing in your t-shirt, or that sexy little dress you just bought, they don't work for the camera! They gape when you're on your back, and they gape when you're on your stomach...sadly they just don't cut it in your boudoir session either! Last but not least, the string thong! This is the one that looks like a nicely decorated piece of dental floss. Perfect to avoid the lines in your tights, or little black dress - but they don't flatter your body lines! Here's a few examples of "What Not to Wears'"


Think on your shape for a moment. Are you Rectangular, Apple, Pear or Hourglass?

What is your favourite asset?

Now...lets celebrate your fabulous shape with lingerie that shows it off! 

I meet with many women, and we often chat about what to wear to a session! While we often discuss what you'd like to show off, we chat equally about is what you don't like! Not fond of your stomach area? I don't recommend bringing a panty set to shoot your session in. You'll spend more time worrying about whether or not your stomach is exposed and not enough time embracing your supermodel self! Love your bust line? Rock it with a sexy plunging neckline! Your boudoir session is a way to celebrate YOU. So lets make it fabulous!

Hopefully this helps when you're out shopping for your lingerie! Whether you're looking to pick some up for your session, or just get sexy in the bedroom, its always amazing to know what works best for you!

Interested in a session with me? I'd love to chat! Hit the contact link at the top of my page to send me an email and we can meet up over drinks to plan your incredible boudoir session!




Stay Fierce.


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What about someone who's big in the chest but not shoulders or hips? I would say I was a reverse pear
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