I've Never Done this Kind of Shoot Before...Will You Help Me Throughout the Shoot?

Of course! I work closely with all my clients during their sessions! I will show you the pose - once you're in it, we'll make little macro & micro adjustments until its camera ready! I will also show you how to find the perfect lingerie to suit your hot body! We'll talk about what you envision for your hair and make-up look and how we can help your stylists to nail it for you! I will be there every step of the way before, during and after your session to make sure its the amazing experience you imagined it would be! 


Are Any Products (Prints, Digitals, Albums etc.) Included Free With My Session?

No, all products are sold separately from your session and not included with your session fee. You do have the option at the time of booking to pre-purchase any products you might like. 



Why Don't You Include Products with My Session?

This is a simple one for me. In order for me to offer you an AMAZING boudoir experience at a more affordable price, products are sold separately. I simply want everyone to experience a boudoir session without the initial worry of whether or not it will fit in their budget once products are included! I also have bills to pay and mouths to feed (which I know you understand!), so I can't give you everything but the kitchen sink at a crazy cheap price.  That being said - I believe you are worth investing in, and so you do have the option to pre-purchase items! 


You Can Photoshop that Right?

This is a famous question...while it depends on what you're wanting done, the short answer...yes. There is a charge for it, as it sometimes may take a few hours. However, I will only use photoshop on non-permanent things such as tan lines, uneven skin tones or lingerie mishaps etc. 


Do You Provide Lingerie? What Should I Wear?

Unfortunately I don't. BUT what I do provide is guiding you in the right direction to find the perfect match and fit for your body! Wondering what you should pick out? Lets chat and I can make a few sexy suggestions for you! Now...what should you wear? This is a custom question - but to get you started, check out this post on my blog to point you in the right direction...

"What to Wear..."


Where Do We Shoot the Session?

Typically I shoot my sessions out of the fabulous Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo! Why you ask? First off...their customer service is absolutely amazing! Next, their rooms are beautiful and understated making them the perfect place to show you off! The light filling the rooms is perfect for my style of shooting, and also allows for me to add a more dynamic look if need be! While the Coast is perfect for my sessions, you do have other options is if you'd like them! If you'd prefer something completely natural, an outdoor session may be just for you! If you'd like to perhaps shoot in another hotel - we can look into that to see if its available and at what additional cost! I also have clients who prefer the sexy comfort of their homes! We can certainly shoot in your home - it just needs to meet the specifications and needs I have when making stunning imagery for you!


What Should I Bring?

There are a few things that will help you out before, during and after your session! So - what should you bring with you...

- Water & Snacks! These are of the utmost importance! Stay hydrated and stay fed! These two things will help you throughout the session as well as after!

- Sexy Stilletos, Pumps or High-Heels that have 3 inch heels or higher! NO...you won't be walking around in them, but they encourage a sexier posture and overall feel for the session!

- Your lingerie. You laugh. But its true...you might forget it! I recommend packing your bag to go the night before to ensure everything you need for your session is there for you in the morning! 

- A cute outfit. After your session you'll be glammed up...so why not pack a cute little outfit to take yourself out to lunch or drinks in! Invite a friend with you...have a fabulous ladies date after the session and tell your best friend all about it! 


When Should I Book My Session For?

My clients often come to me needing their images ready to view or delivered by a certain date, so I recommend booking your session with me 8 - 10 weeks before you would like your finished product! That will ensure enough time for you to view your images, select your products and have them delivered!


How Long Will it be Before I See Images from My Session?

Your images will be ready for our ordering & viewing session about 3 weeks following your shoot. We'll pick a date and time to chat about how you would love to see your images displayed!


Will My Images be Used Online?

If you are comfortable with it...I would LOVE to share a few images from your session on my blog and social media! If you decide you'd love to share and inspire other women to book a shoot for themselves, I'll send you a model release and we'll share from there!