Boudoir with Courtney Presents an EXCLUSIVE special for

"Brides of Julien Photography"

I know you're busy with planning your big day - and there is lots to do, but if you have a minute...I think you'll love this idea! Sure, it may be out of your comfort zone, but then anything worth doing is just beyond your comfort...

I remember wanting to surprise Steve with something entirely unexpected - and so I booked myself a boudoir session! It was definitely beyond anything I ever felt confident enough to do, but I knew he would absolutely be over the moon to be opening something spectacular (like me in my lingerie ;D) on the big day! I tossed the idea around a few times before pulling the trigger - and the reaction was well worth the very temporary nerves & jitters I had!

If you're thinking you want to give an amazing gift to your hubby-to-be - then this is absolutely it! Its both a gift for him - but an even bigger gift you give yourself! Of course - it doesn't just have to be a gift to give hime on your wedding day - if you'd like to book a session during the below dates to give to your love as an anniversary gift - or just because, we can do that too! For all of our brides, I'm offering a special session - its normally valued at $695.00, but for you its $200 OFF the regular price, plus it comes with a few other exclusive perks - JUST FOR YOU! Its a fabulous way to show off your new piece of sexy bridal lingerie, or the hard work you've put into preparing for the big day! 

The catch...its only for a limited time only! We'll need to book your bridal boudoir session between:

March 15, 2018 - May 31, 2018

There are limited dates available, so lets chat today to book your session, and get you a gift he won't forget! 


$495.00 plus Tax

(*EXCLUSIVE BONUS  - This Package is Valued at $695.00 plus Tax!)


Your EXCLUSIVE Julien Photography Brides Package Includes:

  • Hotel Room at the Coast Hotel to Shoot Your Session (Session takes place in Nanaimo)
  • 90 Minute Session
  • 2 Outfits
  • Courtney's 7 Sexy Essentials
  1.     One on one, Pre - Consultation to Meet Plan Your Session
  2.     Complimentary, Professional Hair & Make-Up
  3.     Posing & Session Coaching During Your Shoot
  4.     Lingerie Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pieces for You
  5.     Sexy Same Day Teaser Image Sent to You VIA Text Message
  6.     Private, Online Slideshow REVEAL of My Favourite Images from Your Session
  7.     Post Shoot Viewing & Product Purchasing Session over Drinks!


PLUS a few MORE EXCLUSIVE Bonuses for my #JPBrides...

  • Bridal Bonus #1: 15% OFF all Boudoir Product after sales, Little Black Books, Digital Files etc.
  • Bridal Bonus #2: 1/2 PRICE VIDEO UPGRADE! Add a sexy minute long, music video teaser reel for just 1/2 the regular price! Regular price is $500 - for you to upgrade it would be $250.00 plus Tax!


If you're ready to book your boudoir session, just hit the "Contact" below to get started! In the message part of the contact, just let me know you'd like to make it official, and we'll start planning!


*Please note: This Special is Exclusively for Brides of Julien Photography*